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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does an Osteopath do?

Osteopaths work with their hands and treatment often consists of soft tissue massage, stretching techniques and specific joint manipulation.

Does it Hurt?

Some discomfort will occasionally be experienced when an injury is treated, even with gentle soft tissue techniques. Your osteopath will be sensitive to your symptoms and not proceed with a technique if there is undue discomfort.

It is wrong to assume that you will always have manipulation whenever you go to an osteopath; many successful treatments can be conducted without its use. Osteopaths usually keep their patients informed as to what they are doing as the treatment progresses.

Do I Need a Referral From my Doctor?

You do not need to be recommended by your GP and we treat patients from many different GP practices.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This depends on the presenting problem and how severe it is. In some cases, particularly when the pain is acute, it is more effective to see the patient again within a few days. Generally treatments are spaced approximately one week apart, although as the condition begins to improve they may be spaced more widely.

Your rate of recovery will also depend upon your age, general health, sensitivity to treatment and activities in your life.

Will I Need a Regular Check up?

Once again, this depends entirely upon the problem and your osteopath will advise you on the need for exercises and maintenance treatment.

Can I Claim on my Medical Insurance?

At The Luxton Clinic we are accredited with BUPA, AXA-PPP and all major health insurance companies. It is best to check with your insurers first, as individual policies may have exemptions. If you do have osteopathic health cover then you should obtain an authorisation number and bring this with you to your first consultation.