What is Severs?

Written by Debby Mar 18 2014

Severs is a condition that affects children between the ages of 10 – 14, both boys and girls. It is characterized by pain in one or both heels when weight bearing and children who participate in a lot of sporting activities are particularly prone to this complaint. There can be swelling and tenderness around the back of the heel as the Achilles tendon is inflamed at the attachment to the calcaneum, or heel bone. Severs is caused when the growth plate in the heel of the foot is injured. This occurs when the bones grow faster than the muscles and tendons in the heel making the tissues tight and unable to move normally.

Stretching the muscles in the back of the legs will help to alleviate the pain and speed recovery and ice the area if the inflammation is painful. Appropriate footwear is also essential to help support the foot. Severs is not permanent and will heal in time.

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