The Luxton Clinic has successfully treated my back

“Over a number of years The Luxton Clinic has successfully treated my back and left knee both of which have suffered as a consequence of a military career and from sustaining various sports-related injuries, one of which was very serious and potentially career ending. Without their assistance I could not stay active and fit and I cannot praise his skills highly enough.”

No more pain killers

“After my treatment yesterday I woke up this morning for the first time in eighteen months without pain and without the need for analgesia. Thank you very, very much.”

Reassuring, professional and effective treatment

“My knee and ankle had become such a problem that I had lost the confidence and even the inclination to engage in any physical activity. My first consultation gave me hope and subsequent treatment greatly exceeded my expectations as I gradually found my symptoms and discomfort receding. At all stages of treatment I felt as if I was a partner in my healing, explanations were always offered in a clear, calm, reassuring manner with good humour as added therapy! I am now able to enjoy my golf and play with my children with more vigour with the added confidence that if I do have further problems, The Luxton Clinic will be able to sort me out.”

Restored mobility

“One of the most satisfying things I have done in all my years has been to consult you as a consequence of daily back pain. I am happy to say that I am now clear of pain and immobility totally due to your expertise. I am most grateful.”

Improved health

“It is now 6 months since you supplied me with a set of orthotics which were made to suit. I would like to say how happy I am with them. They have made a great difference to me with many of my back problems being so much better. I would not have thought that a couple of inserts in my shoes could make all the difference. Thank you for supplying them to me and I would not hesitate to recommend your orthotics to anyone.”

Walking on air

“Since I have been seeing you my feet feel so much better. Whenever I leave here I feel as though I am walking on air.”

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